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Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer for Patient Information

  • All of the patients whose photos or video testimonials that appear on this Web site are/ were actual patients of Dr. Ganta.
  • The pictures and videos displayed in are images and recordings of actual patients and employees who have consented to have their pictures and videos in this web site.
  • The opinions expressed about weight loss surgery or about Dr. Ganta and his staff by the patients either written, verbal or videos are individual patient subjective opinions.
  • These opinions are NOT to be interpreted as either typical results NOR any guarantee of results by Nuself Bariatrics or by Dr. Ganta and his staff. Your individual experience and results will vary.
  • A decision either about weight loss surgery or choosing Dr. Ganta or Nuself Bariatrics for medical care should not be made based on the opinions of other patients expressed on this website.
  • In no event shall Nuself Bariatrics or Dr. Ganta be responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon this Web site’s contents or email communications through the website.

I have read and understand the Disclaimer above and would like to view Nuself Bariatrics Patient Stories.



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