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My Gastric Band Failed. What now?

My Gastric Band Failed. What now?

The gastric band is a silicone belt surgically placed around the upper portion of your stomach to restrict how much food you consume and aid weight loss. 

Over the years, it has helped many people achieve their weight loss goals and live healthier lives. However, in some cases, the gastric band doesn't work as expected. 

While a failed gastric band can be disheartening, you should know it doesn't signify the end of your weight loss journey. Dr. Sashidhar Ganta and his team at NuSelf Bariatrics in Austin and Cedar Park, Texas, are renowned experts in weight loss surgeries and can provide you with a wide range of alternatives to help you meet your goals.

In this article, we help you understand the reasons for gastric band failure, your next steps, and the promising alternative treatments we offer. 

How does a gastric band fail?

gastric band surgery failing could mean different things. For example, failure could mean that you got inadequate weight loss results or regained weight after initially losing weight. 

It could also mean you experienced complications like band slippage, erosion, or infection. The reason for your band failing will determine our next course of action.

If you suspect your gastric band has failed, consult Dr. Ganta immediately for a thorough assessment. Often, inadequate weight loss or weight regain isn't solely because of the band's failure; lifestyle factors may also contribute. 

Are you sticking to your diet plan? Are you regularly exercising? Answering these questions honestly can help us determine if you need adjustments to improve your band's effectiveness.

Revising the gastric band

Sometimes, we can adjust the band's position to achieve better results. It's a less invasive procedure than removing it and could be the quickest way to get your weight loss journey back on track.

Alternative surgical options to the gastric band

If your gastric band has totally failed and revisions won't help, you can consider alternative bariatric surgeries like gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy. These options often have higher success rates. However, they come with their unique risks and benefits.

Gastric bypass

This procedure involves creating a small pouch from your stomach and connecting it directly to your small intestine, bypassing a large part of the stomach and a segment of your small intestine. It's effective but involves a more complex surgical process.

Band to sleeve

In this two-step surgical process, we remove your gastric band and about 75-80% of the stomach, leaving a smaller, banana-shaped stomach. 

This process limits the amount of food you can consume and helps you feel full faster. It's less complicated than a gastric bypass but offers effective weight loss.

This option especially appeals to those who haven't achieved their weight loss goals with the gastric band, as it provides the more reliable benefits of a sleeve gastrectomy. 

When your gastric band fails, it's easy to feel like you've reached a dead end. However, there are numerous ways to get back on your weight loss journey through lifestyle changes, surgical revisions, or alternative bariatric procedures. 

Rest assured, you're in the best hands with our team at NuSelf Bariatrics. You can book a consultation with us online or call one of our offices today to explore your options for weight loss surgery.

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