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SADI/DS Specialist

NuSelf Bariatrics

Bariatric Surgeon & Medical Weight Loss Physician located in Austin, TX & Cedar Park, TX

SADI / DS surgery can help you permanently lose up to 95% of your excess weight, and is an upcoming and highly effective weight-loss surgery. At NuSelf Bariatrics in Austin and Cedar Park, Texas, you get not only bariatric surgery but also the long-term support necessary for great health. Premier bariatric surgeon Sashi Ganta, MD, is a well-known expert in SADI / DS and he’s ready to help you now. Book your consultation using the online scheduler, or call either office today.


What is SADI / DS?

SADI / DS is an excellent bariatric surgery for obese patients. In this procedure, Dr. Ganta removes a significant part of your stomach to make a gastric sleeve. Then a portion of the small intestine is bypassed after the duodenum was sectioned below the stomach to preserve the pyloric valve. This can be done as first time bariatric surgery or as a revision option.

What are the advantages of SADI / DS?

Many SADI / DS patients at NuSelf Bariatrics lose 75-95% of their excess weight within one to two years of their surgery. This procedure offers the best prospect for long term weight loss.

In addition to the obvious aesthetic and health benefits of losing weight, experts believe that gastric bypass surgery also improves metabolic function, including better blood sugar control, reduced cholesterol, and less trouble with acid reflux. Many patients with Type 2 diabetes are even able to maintain their blood sugar level without medication after losing weight.

Am I a good SADI / DS candidate?

In general, a SADI / DS may be right for you if:

  • You can't lose weight with diet and exercise
  • You have a BMI of 40 or greater
  • You have a BMI of 35-39.9 along with major weight-related illness, such as Type 2 diabetes

You also may be a good candidate for a SADI / DS revision if you’ve had gastric sleeve or lapband in the past and are starting to gain weight.  

How does SADI / DS work?

While you're under anesthesia, Dr. Ganta uses a stapling device to create the gastric sleeve. 

Dr. Ganta then divides your duodenum under the pylorus and connects the top part of it directly to the small intestine much further below. This means that food will move straight from your stomach pouch to your lower small intestine. Ultimately, you'll absorb fewer calories and nutrients from the food you eat. Dr. Ganta reattaches your upper and lower small intestine, which allows bile and pancreatic fluids to aid in the digestive process.

The SADI / DS procedure takes around two hours. Dr. Ganta is a meticulous surgeon who always strives for perfection. He takes all the time needed to get the optimal result from your gastric bypass. 

Generally, you'll stay in the hospital for just one night. Once you can ingest a clear liquid diet, Dr. Ganta releases you from the hospital.

How long is SADI / DS recovery?

Dr. Ganta performs laparoscopic SADI / DS using very small incisions, so patients often have a much shorter recovery time than with traditional surgery. Many patients return to their full normal routine in one to two weeks. 

You’ll learn a whole new way of eating and exercising as part of your weight loss, and you’ll soon notice dramatic weight loss. NuSelf Bariatrics also offers support groups to connect you with other patients. 

Find out more about SADI / DS by calling NuSelf Bariatrics or booking online today.