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Gastric Sleeve

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Gastric sleeve surgery is a reliable path to permanent weight loss because it controls your hunger pangs and changes your metabolism. Expert NuSelf Bariatrics surgeon Sashi Ganta, MD, helped pioneer a single-incision gastric sleeve technique that leaves no visible scarring. Gastric sleeve surgery gives you dramatic results in a safe way, with a much lower risk level than other common surgical procedures like hip replacement surgery. There are two convenient NuSelf Bariatrics locations in Austin and Cedar Park, Texas, so book your consultation by phone or through online scheduling now.

Gastric Sleeve Q & A

What is a gastric sleeve?

A gastric sleeve procedure is a weight-loss surgery to reduce the size of your stomach. Experts believe that this surgery greatly diminishes ghrelin (also called the "hunger hormone") production to reduce your hunger pangs and encourage weight loss. A gastric sleeve also changes your body’s metabolism to help you process food more effectively.

Gastric sleeve is one of the most common procedures that Dr. Ganta performs at NuSelf Bariatrics, and he's one of the most experienced surgeons in the area. 

How does gastric sleeve surgery work?

Dr. Ganta uses a minimally invasive laparoscopic approach in which he creates tiny incisions (in many cases, only one incision) and removes around 80% of your stomach. This leaves you with a new stomach “sleeve” that’s about the same dimensions as a small banana. Your new stomach holds just three to four ounces at a time. 

In many cases, Dr. Ganta uses a single-incision gastric sleeve surgery technique that he pioneered in 2008. As the first surgeon in Texas to perform this surgery with a single-incision approach, Dr. Ganta is widely known and respected as a leading innovator. Surgeons from all over the United States come to Austin to learn his technique, and many patients travel to Texas to have their surgery performed by the leading expert in the field. 

The single-incision technique goes through your navel and leaves no visible scars on your abdomen. Because the incisions are so small, there’s less bleeding, less pain, and a faster recovery. 

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and generally takes 60-90 minutes.

Am I a good candidate for gastric sleeve surgery?

In general, you may be a good candidate for gastric sleeve surgery if:

  • You can't lose weight with diet and exercise
  • Your body mass index (BMI) is 40 or higher
  • Your BMI is 35-39.9 and you have serious weight-related illness, like Type 2 diabetes

Dr. Ganta can help you determine whether gastric sleeve surgery is right for you.

What is recovery from gastric sleeve surgery like?

Dr. Ganta generally discharges you after one night in the hospital, as soon as you're able to tolerate a clear liquid diet. Most patients get back to their usual routine in around one week. 

A new eating and exercise plan is an integral part of your weight loss program. NuSelf Bariatrics also offers gastric sleeve support groups. 

What results can I expect from gastric sleeve surgery?

After gastric sleeve surgery, most patients lose significant extra weight within a year or two. Many NuSelf Bariatrics patients lose 75-95% of their extra weight within two years. 

Learn how to lose weight and reclaim your health through gastric sleeve now. Call NuSelf Bariatrics or book online anytime.