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Body Contouring

NuSelf Bariatrics

Bariatric Surgeon & Medical Weight Loss Physician located in Austin, TX & Cedar Park, TX

After you lose weight, the only thing that may worsen is sagging skin. With a dramatic weight reduction, it’s normal for the skin to sag and sometimes develop stretch marks. Cellulite may also linger, making you feel unhappy with your body even after you reach your target weight. At NuSelf Bariatrics, expert physician Sashi Ganta, MD, specializes in post bariatric no-incision body contouring that tightens your skin and reduces lingering fat and cellulite. Learn how you can perfect your body by calling either the Austin or Cedar Park, Texas, office, or click the online booking tool now.

Body Contouring Q & A

What is body contouring?

Body contouring is a way to reduce fat, tighten skin, and sculpt your body without surgical incisions or downtime.  At NuSelf Bariatrics, Dr. Ganta uses a state-of-the-art system called truSculpt 3D®. 

This body contouring treatment uses monopolar radiofrequency technology to melt away your excess fat while tightening sagging skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite and scars. In the two most common trouble spots, the belly and hips, just one body contouring session reduces fat by up to 24%. You can get even better results with a series of truSculpt 3D treatments. 

What areas does body contouring cover?

Body contouring is well suited for excess fat in your trouble spots. If you're having trouble dropping weight in specific places, like your belly, hips, and thighs, body contouring is a good non-surgical solution. It can also be a good solution for extra upper arm fat and may help with other problem areas, too. 

How does body contouring treatment work?

While you relax in a comfortable position, Dr. Ganta applies a conductive gel to the treatment area. He then gently applies the truSculpt 3D handpiece using a specialized gliding technique. Dr. Ganta is among the very few surgeons in the Austin area to have the unique skill set needed for these ultra-precise body contouring treatments. 

The truSculpt 3D handpiece delivers radiofrequency energy directly into your whole fat layer. This energy turns into heat, triggering fat cell death. Dr. Ganta can adjust the truSculpt temperature for optimal results, based on your needs.

What can I expect after body contouring?

After your treatment, the fat cells flush away through normal waste disposal processes over time. By around 6-12 weeks post treatment, you can expect to see significantly less fat in the treatment area. 

What does body contouring feel like?

Generally, it’s quite comfortable. The treatment, truSculpt 3D is specially designed to maintain a comfortable skin surface temperature while still destroying your targeted fat cells. 

You may experience a deep internal warmth during treatments. Some patients say that truSculpt 3D treatment is similar to a hot stone massage.

Am I a good candidate for body contouring?

truSculpt 3D body contouring can give you a jumpstart on your medical weight loss program, or it can help you perfect your appearance after losing weight with gastric balloon or gastric bypass, or gastric sleeve surgery. 

Learn how body contouring can help you look your best after bariatric surgery by calling NuSelf Bariatrics or clicking the online scheduler now.