iBAND (Banded Plication)


If you are looking for a long-term weight loss solution the new iBAND or imbricated lap band procedure may be worth considering. This is an innovative procedure known as iBAND or Banded Gastric Plication (considered an investigational procedure due to lack of long term data about the safety or efficacy of the procedure) can be one of the safest and most effective solutions available today for patients considering weight loss for the first time or as a revision procedure. Austin bariatric surgeon Dr. Sashi Ganta is one of the few surgeons in the nation offering this procedure.


The iBAND also known as banded gastric plication is a weight loss procedure that combines the advantages of a gastric plication such as effective weight loss similar to sleeve without cutting or removing the stomach with the safety and long term weight maintenance results of the Lap Band. The iBAND has the potential to be the best of both worlds – safety and fast effective long term weight loss. (Since long tern results are not available, the iBAND is considered investigational at this time.) An adjustable gastric band is placed around the upper portion of the stomach to create a small stomach pouch. Then the gastric plication is performed which involves separating the outer curvature of the stomach from the surrounding fatty tissue and then folding the stomach into itself and securing with permanent sutures thereby eliminating the stomach’s capacity to expand. Unlike a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve there is no cutting or removing the stomach.


iBand Advantages

  • iBAND – When performed together these procedures create on small stomach pouch at the top of the stomach and a narrow, sleeve-shaped lower stomach that cannot expand. The result is that you will not be able to eat large portions of food and you will feel satisfied for longer periods of time between meals with less hunger.
  • Induces excess weight loss of approximately 50 – 70 percent
  • Involves no cutting of the stomach or rerouting of the intestines
  • Requires a shorter hospital stay, usually performed as an outpatient, most patients going home on the same day of surgery
  • Is adjustable

Is iBand Right for You?

Whether iband is best for you or not depends on your specific situation with health and your goals. The best way to determine if you would benefit from Lap band procedure would be to meet with Dr. Ganta in a free evaluation or a full consultation.

Recovery from iband Procedure:

  • Patients are admitted on the morning of surgery typically 2 hours before the scheduled procedure
  • After preoperative process you are evaluated by the registered nurse and anesthesia team
  • Procedure is then performed under full general anesthesia and takes approximately 90 minutes.
  • Most patients are discharged home the same day.
  • Return to work times may vary but many patients return to routine activities within about 1 week.

Benefits of iband

  • Weight loss and health results typically follow the pattern of the lap band.
  • Long term results of this procedure and efficacy of the procedure are not available and this procedure is considered investigational.

Cost of iband surgery in Austin

A decision to undergo any weight loss surgery requires serious commitment emotionally and financially. The cost may be a barrier for many patients. We understand the monetary concerns that bariatric surgery patients have, and we do everything we can to help with insurance coverage and other methods to finance the procedures. To learn more about the cost in our practice please contact us at 512-257-2425.

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