Meet Sonny


Weight Lost: 110 Lbs

Estimated weight loss %: 83%

Procedure: Gastric Bypass


I would recommend Dr. Ganta and his team. He's day one to great...he just cares, he's knowledgeable, he's confident…”


My name is Sonny Cunningham. I live in Pflugerville, Texas. What I do is I own a Pepperidge farm biscuit franchise. Well I think when I went to a restaurant and I asked him for a glass of gravy and he told me it was not a beverage I think that was one of the keys that I finally figured that one out and then the other thing I was wearing a black t-shirt on the beach I just say some barbecue and went down made a few beached whale sounds and he rolled me into the surf who's Willie. I know but anyway when that happened I kind of realized it was time me going to die and I'm also a very bad diabetic and that is my main reason why I'm here.

The way I found Dr. Ganta was through my on endocrinologist and they suggested that I talked to Dr. Ganta and see what he felt. I went to Dr. Ganta's seminar and he answered a lot of questions. I did research this quite a lot online with Dr. Ganta's website but he was so highly recommended to me by other doctors including my family and the surgeon who was working on my foot suggested that I do something or I'm going to lose his sight and he said hey so when I saw Dr. Ganta and listened to him and started the process to see which operation was best for me a lap band or bypass that's what we worked on.

I had the bypass. Lap-band would not have helped me you know what I was doing because every procedure affects things differently and so you go through that process with him to find out what is the best for you and it's not something you just shoot in the dark. You go through several months and that's the key thing you've got to understand, you want to have patience, you want to really research you want to make sure that this is good for you because it's going to change your world. One time I went hiking before the surgery about a month before and I could barely make it to from the car to the campsite. I couldn't handle anything. I couldn't carry anything. I couldn't basically set in a chair just watch everybody do everything. I couldn't play with other kids. I had trouble walking. No balance. It was really bad and we went to the same camp site after the surgery I put the tent up. I can – I actually played frisbee with the kids and could walk we actually did a little bit of a hike and we call it a treasure hunt so where you go look for your stuff and I could just do it all.

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