Meet Renee


Weight Lost: 85 Lbs

Procedure: Gastric Sleeve


My name is Renee Griffin. I am originally from New Orleans. I had the procedure done July 18 of last year and I've actually lost – I was 278 pounds I'm actually 192 at this time and it's constant those instill but I had the gastric sleeve which is an awesome procedure. I have had weight watchers. I've had the Atkins diet. I've tried the food leverage program. I've tried several different options and the weight always would go up and down and it would never stay down because the moment you didn't have that frame of mind of eating properly you're going to ripe – I blew right back up tenfold and I knew I needed to adjust myself to give myself back at a point where I can learn how to eat all over again. So this procedure I've been wanting the procedure to be done and I found Dr. Ganta through a associate of mine and it's been awesome ever since.

His staff has been awesome. I couldn't ask for a better surgery actually. I didn't have any pain and I would suggest that anybody that have considering doing it go ahead and do it. Don't be scared.

Actually my friend had the surgery over two years ago and when he -- he looks great still to this day he has not regained the weight that he's lost and I asked him who did his procedure and I looked up Dr. Ganta's surgery information. He walked me through everything and I just knew what I wanted. I did not want to have to guess at it. I knew what he had I wanted. So the sleeve was the best option for me by doing my research on what it contained.

I didn't have any fears until the day of the surgery. God would think that I shook like a leaf on a tree the day of the surgery but during the whole procedure going through the consultations, knowing what I have to do, lifestyle change I had to make. He was like a father actually because he would told me if I didn't lose a certain amount that he won't be able to oblige with the surgery because you have to have a the right frame of mind. Before going into this you cannot just sit there and just think that this is a solving point for you. You still have to go in there with the frame of mind that knowing that I have to learn how to do this all over again. It's not that you cannot do certain things. You still can but it's in moderation and it's been a journey up until now still.

He's been awesome throughout the journey and all of the people that I've met that has been under him has not gained their weight back or look bad or anything like that. They actually look good still to this day and it could have been years ago that they've had to surgery. Any questions that you have he answers them to the fullest extent. I couldn't even ask for a better doctor. I was just glad that I did get Dr. Ganta when I did get him. I did my research and he was by far the best. It has built my confidence level to a great degree to see somebody that you haven't seen in a while and all they knew you was as a big person. Then when they see you now that you have lost all this weight and that you've got a waistline and they don't even know who you are. Oh my god for real. You look wonderful and you love those reactions. And I did it because I knew there was something that I needed to do for myself. I used to hate to step on a scale. Now I'll look for the scale. I do want to lose up to at least 40 more pounds for myself. I know it's not impossible to do because I've come a long way. I've actually lost like 82 pounds which is really good. That's like losing a whole person. I look forward to spending more time with my grandkids that's the reason why I did it. I did this for myself because my grandkids and kids I want to be here for them and having all that on your heart and your body and unable to move around it's not a good feeling. So yeah I'm happy with this procedure not do it all over again if I had to.

If you're thinking about getting a surgery anyone who's thinking about getting a surgery do not be scared. Don't hesitate. It's the best thing that could have happened in my life and I know it could change anyone else's life if they take the time to do it. It's not a painful procedure. It was one day it was awesome. I was something going the same day. I would advise anybody if they want to get their life on track to use Dr. Ganta to the fullest extent because he is awesome.

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