Meet Patty


Weight Lost: 59 Lbs

Procedure: Lap Band revision to Gastric Bypass


My name is Patty Hall. I live in Round Rock and I work here at North Austin Medical Center. It was kind of gradually over time I gained on my weight after having the babies and all my babies and I've gained all that weight each time and so I was so out of shape and I didn't feel comfortable with myself. I did have some shortness of breath and I had back pain all the time. It's difficult to work. And my feet hurt. My legs hurt. My back hurt every night when I go home.

I saw all his credentials and I thought that he was pretty good. I did talk to some of the doctors on the floor. I said are you familiar with Dr. Ganta and two doctors recommended Dr. Ganta at that time. So I thought okay I'm going to go with him. Dr. Ganta coached me and we had a like an hour long meeting at his office and he told me the different types of procedures and I told him that I want – I have a very strong sweet tooth. So someone who told me about gastric bypass that it would help me not want to have to eat the sweets because I would have some reactions to that. So that's why I went with that type of surgery.

Dr. Ganta did prepare me with the ins and outs of what was going to happen. I was in the hospital two nights and it was kind of hard the first day because of all the preparation that they put through my body but after all that and it was okay. it was a slow process of going from clear liquids to food but the weight just dropped off. It was just amazing.

Look in the mirror I didn't see a difference because my mental image was still back where I was before but every day people on the floor would say look at you. Every day doctors, the staff everybody even for like two years they would say how do you look so good.

I have a lot more energy. My feet don't hurt. My back didn't hurt. And I work out. I work out a lot. I enjoy it. I get a personal satisfaction. I run a lot. I've done a lot of races. I know that my time was getting to the point where if I don't do something now I'm going to start having diabetes or I'm going to start having issues and I'll be disabled or not being able to work and I would have a lot of health issues that could stop me from doing all that from doing everything that I do now.

I definitely recommend Dr. Ganta. He is very informative and he doesn't sugarcoat it. He tells you truths right off the bat and he's a very thorough. I talked to some of the staff before my surgery and they said that he's very stripped in his process of doing surgery. So I thought okay that's what a doctor could want.

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