Marlin Jr & Marlin III


Meet Marlin Jr & Marlin III


Marlin Jr:

Weight Lost: 181 Lbs

Procedure: Gastric Bypass


Marlin III:

Weight Lost: 106 Lbs

Procedure: Lap Band


This Office, the people, they all know what they are doing


Marlin: My name is Marlin Cunningham Jr. and this is my son.

Marlin III: I am Marlin Cunningham, the third. I had the lap-band and.

Marlin: I had the bariatric bypass and the reason I chose that was I had diabetes. It was really bad. I was 380 pounds and my health was failing pretty bad and so I had researched the bariatric treatment and I decided to go with Dr. Ganta because I think it was the best when I asked the questions I got the best answers. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Ganta and it was so much easier for me to make those decisions because it's a life-changing decision and the professionalism I can't say enough. I've been to several hospitals for several different procedures. This office the people –

Marlin III: They're all knowledgeable. They know what's going on.

Marlin: They know what they are doing. Yeah absolutely and that's the whole key.

Merlin III: Once we get that all the diet right get the fill just right it was just – it just felt like it fell off like I wake up every day it lost two pounds. It was great and I got the lap-band because I didn't – I was very active and but I was only eating one meal a day and that's right before bedtime. So I knew my activity level was good. I didn't have any health issues and basically I wonder why I needed to get this was because I knew I wanted to stop the cycle, the large cycle. I just didn't want my kids to see this and I wanted to make sure they had a dad around into his 80s so I can see grandchildren too. So that was very very important to me. My dad went through Dr. Ganta I knew I could trust Dr. Ganta.

Having a lap band I've lost 106 pounds and about a year actually I've been able to keep that off for the past six months. So I'm still kicking. I mean just recently I was up in a cherry picker cutting on 70 foot tree with my dad just like three weeks ago. And we were non-stop, no brakes for about five six hours and right afterwards I took my girls to the park and splint and played with them because I wasn't exhausted. I wasn't tired of I'm not carrying around an extra pound my fat literally. I'm still strong. I didn't lose any muscle mass. I'm like try to loss a little bit but not I mean I'm still –

Merlin: Caring boy.

Merlin III: Yeah yeah I mean this is 50 pounds and I carry her around her shoulders hiking through the trails. So I'm ecstatic about all this.

Merlin: Yeah that's for sure. It's just being able to do the things that used to be when you were 20 years younger. For me anyway yeah I mean it just put that much on you I mean all sudden you can do things what do you want to do dad oh let's go and well no I got there to couch you know it's just too much work for me and summers not exciting. Winters are a little cold.

Merlin III: You have anything?

Merlin: I will tell you what I can only tell people that if you make the choice to do this it'll change your life and feel better throughout.

Merlin III: I actually before while he was doing his research I was like don't do it. There's too many bad reviews don't do it and then it gave my dad back to me like I was writing them off the month before he had a surgery and I was already preparing myself and then I also need bounces back and I'm like you know what there needs to be a lot more good reviews out there than these bad reviews because it is life-changing. Me and my wife are saving up to help her out right now you know. It's not that you can't diet and lose the weight. It's a tool given to you for the rest of your life to help you keep that weight off and that is I think the most important thing to me. I play football. I was power lifter track, camper, hiker I chop wood every every winter to keep the house warm. I mean I'm doing all that stuff but and so I could lose the weight like that but then I couldn't maintain it. One good barbecue [Indiscernible] [00:05:02] I want to eat that the way the rest of the week you know so it's given me I know a longer life. It's given my dad back to me and given him a longer life and we can still know each other for a lot longer.

Merlin: That's a good part of it. Now I would like they'll say don't you think the energy level is fantastic I mean it's like wow.

Merlin III: It's I don't actually I'm having to find new boundaries to where I used to say I can do this much and then I have to stop. Now I am wait I did that and I still have enough energy. Now let me try this. Now let me try this and I keep on pushing myself to see and there's some days that I do push myself too hard but I got to know your new limit. You just have to establish new limits.

Merlin: And I'm learning that too but it's nice to be able to do that again.

Merlin III: Yeah just being stuck and saying I can only do this. Nothing stops me. It's new there's no boundaries anymore.

Merlin: We were quite detained and it just changes everything for the more positive hours. So the negativity of anybody not doing this was just in their mind and once they realize hey you know what I can do this and you know what I know how I lived. Now I want to live good. I don't want to live this way and that is the key to this success. That's it. That's it.

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