Meet Dana


Weight Lost: 105 Lbs

Procedure: Gastric Sleeve


I only regret not doing it [surgery] sooner


My name is Dana Fitzpatrick. I had the vertical sleeve done in July of 2016 and so far to date I've lost 93 pounds. It's been a weight loss merry-go-round to say the least. Lose the weight it comes back. Lose the weight it comes back and it comes back even more and that's been a trend probably for the last ten years. You just hit a point where it's just enough is enough. When you could barely fit in the seat in an airplane and you almost need a seatbelt extender. I think that was my breaking point and I knew then I needed to do something.

When I first started looking into it it's scary. It was a lot of fears. The biggest was would it work for me. You see testimonials all the time and you say well I'm different. Were they like me? So would it work for me? How would I integrate this into my daily life? Will I be able to stick with it? Will I constantly feel like a patient. I had a lot of fears and the staff is amazing answering questions even if you forget a question while you're here at the office which is often you could call back and have that question answered. Dr. Ganta was very patient and the consult took his time to make sure I understood the procedure, understood what life would be like after.

This is a major thing that is taking place. So I wanted someone experienced and being an educator what better person is somebody who's leading the field and who helps to train others in the procedure. So I felt Dr. Ganta was the best option for me. Dr. Ganta is a very honest straightforward doctor. He lays out expectations. He won't let you make excuses and he'll help you that's the most important thing.

I only regret not doing this sooner. Why did it take me so long? You really get a different life. You get a different relationship with food. A healthy normal relationship with food. It doesn't consume you. You can cross your legs again. You could tie your shoe. You can go up a flight of stairs without being winded. You don't have the fear of getting on the scale at the doctor's office which is huge for me. You have space between you and the the rails of a chair. You get a whole new life back. So I would say don't wait. You deserve it. Do it. It's worth it.

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