Body sculpting with Trusculpt flex


truSculpt flex is a muscle-sculpting device designed for strengthening, toning, and firming the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. truSculpt uses an electric current to stimulate muscle contractions, improving muscle tone.

Treatment with truSculpt flex can be customized to the fitness level of the patient, their existing body contour and muscle tone, and their wants and needs.

Dr. Ganta is an experienced cosmetic surgeon who can help you improve your overall appearance through body sculpting with truSculpt flex. He recommends this treatment for improving muscle tone, making the body look more sculpted, and making patients feel younger.

truSculpt flex has three unique treatment modes and can treat 8 separate areas simultaneously, stimulating the muscle tissues through electrodes that adhere to the skin. The electrical current produces rapid and intense muscle contractions that build mass and improve strength and tone.

Dr. Ganta recommends this treatment to patients who are advised to rest for several weeks or months due to an injury or neuromuscular disorder. The electrical muscle stimulation induced by this device can be used as a substitute for workouts to prevent sagging, or atrophy of the muscles for patients who cannot move. It can also reduce the duration of rehabilitation after any muscle injury.

Men and women who dream of a well-toned physique can contact Dr. Ganta in Austin, Texas, to see how this treatment could help them improve their muscle tone.

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