Meet Alisha


Weight Lost: 115 Lbs

Procedure: Gastric Sleeve


My name is Alicia Wilkin. I live in Leander, Texas and I am a labor and delivery nurse. I had the gastric sleeve and my highest weight before I had the procedure was 255 and I'm currently at 140. I started researching it probably back in 2003 maybe 2000. It's been a while and at that time I decided I wanted to try losing weight on my own. So I did. I did Atkins for about eight months, lost 125 pounds and got very active and walked 6 miles a day every day of the week and did that for years, kept the weight off and then I injured my knee and couldn't walk anymore. I couldn't - I could barely keep up at work my knee was so bad and it was at that point I gained about 40 pounds back out of 125 I loss and I thought I there's no way I'm gaining this weight back. It was way too hard to lose. It's not going to happen again. So I tried a couple of times to lose it and I said forget it I'm going to just go ahead and have surgery now. Take it off and stay where I need to be for the rest of my life and that's when I researched and found Dr. Ganta

Dr. Ganta had a lot of experience. There was – he had a lot of very good recommendations from people that were on the website support groups. So I thought that he would be a good choice to go with. So I set up an interview and went and saw him and asked a bunch of questions that he answered and I think that we made a good fit. So my quality of life is so much better. I feel so much more active. I can go and do anything I want to and I do and like I said I can work a lot which I like to be able to do and I don't feel exhausted at the end of the day. My feet don't hurt. My body doesn't ache. I don't feel like I just wanted to lay down in bed. At the end of the day I still have energy when I go home to do things. I don't feel like I have to sleep all the time. I feel excited about getting up in the morning about being able to throw a pair of jeans on and run out the door. I never used to be able to do that. I have a grandson that I can run around with and be active with and I don't feel – I just don't feel like I'm a prisoner anymore. I can go out and do whatever I want to do and it feels fantastic.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Ganta for this surgery and I have. My son had the surgery. I have now three co-workers that are having the surgery with him. Do it. Don't wait. Really don't wait. I wish that I had done it when I started thinking about it back in 2000.

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