Meet Adriana


Weight Lost: 140 Lbs

Procedure: SILS Gastric Sleeve


My name is Adrianna and I live here in Pflugerville, Texas. I am currently 23 years old. I work with Dr. Ganta as a medical assistant. What else? I have a son. He's four and my husband.

What part of me was my son because I noticed that I wouldn't take him anywhere. I would just be at home. I was always in a bad mood because it was too high I would get tired. Also I had a lot of anxiety attacks and stuff with depression. I had borderline diabetes and I didn't want to live like that no more because I was bringing myself more down plus my family with me. So my motivation was my son. I chose Dr. Ganta because I knew some patients that he had and they told me that he was great very supportive. I did a lot of research that he's a great surgeon. He knows what he does. He takes his time. He takes the time to talk to you about every single procedure and what works for you. The first month I think I lost about maybe 30 - 25 pounds. The second month again 20 -15 pounds and then I kind of got stuck for a little bit and after that just dropped like maybe 15 - 20 pounds every six weeks. Exciting like every time I had an appointment Dr. Ganta I couldn't wait to go to wake myself and I gave me more motivation like to keep going and go more to the gym that's when I started liking going to gym to exercise because I know what's another thing to push me through to get that weight down.

140 pounds. I would tell them to look at your options. Don't feel trapped. I felt trapped because yeah I did try sometimes okay I'm going to not eat this day maybe that will help me or skip a meal but it will make it worse. Dr. Ganta he is great what he does. He's very supportive. He's there from day one till now. Right now I'm still patient. So every time I have any concerns questions he's right there.

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