Meet Rebecca


Weight Lost: 62.5 Lbs

Estimated weight loss %: 102%

Procedure: Lap Band


“I no longer am tired. I actually have energy to go off and do things...I can feel my body just kind of like a weight has has just been very good and I am very happy that I was able to move forward with the surgery and actually see the successes that I've seen.


Hi I'm Becky Yui and I chose Dr. Ganta's surgery. I had surgery last August. I've lost a total of 76 pounds since then and I feel great. Very excited that I did it and it's made a very positive change in my life.

So life before the surgery I was borderline for high blood pressure. My life was starting to get a little crazy in terms of being able to actually go up the stairs. My knees were hurting. My back was hurting. I was having migraines. Just really wasn't feeling like I should and I had yo-yo on diets throughout my entire life. Really only time I had ever lost weight in my entire life was after having a child and that had to do with speeding up my metabolism from that but after that and it's pretty much been a constant struggle and I just finally decided that I needed to do something for myself and I needed to make myself feel better. I wasn't changing anything on my own. And I really needed that extra tool which Dr. Ganta was able to help provide.

So when I searched out a bariatric surgery had a couple friends who have had different procedures, family members everything from to gastric sleeve and the actual lap band and many of them had various recommendations. I did a lot of research on the web and then one day I decided I was going to attend one of Dr. Ganta's seminars. Unfortunately I didn't get the message I showed up at Dr. Ganta office and his seminar was canceled but Dr. Ganta was kind enough to sit down with me one-on-one, go through all my questions, just as if I had my own personal seminar and after that I was hooked. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Ganta. He definitely made sure that I understood the choices. He was able to answer all my questions and it just felt -- it felt right and so I was hooked.

I had the lap-band surgery and my life has changed. I no longer am tired. I have actually have energy to go off and do things. I don't get those crazy migraine headaches that I used to get. I can feel my body just kind of like a weight has lifted and it's fun to go shopping now. It's fun to go buy new clothes. I no longer dread going to the big and tall section and life has just been very good and I'm very happy that I was able to move forward with the surgery and actually see the successes that I've seen.

Dr. Ganta has always been very professional, very prompt, very much wanting to understand what's going on with myself as an individual. Takes the time when I've got questions. Make sure that I'm really understanding what it is that's happening in those lifestyle changes that I'm going to have to make. The other thing about Dr. Ganta that I liked a lot was this wasn't that magic pill. I always thought there was a magic pill out there. This was a tool. I mean Dr. Ganta very much made sure that I understood that and a lot of the changes I had to make were lifestyle changes and that I believe is going to help me continue on my success throughout the rest of my journey and throughout life. So Dr. Ganta has definitely been a help and an aide and very much enjoyed working with Dr. Ganta. For anyone who's considering lap band surgery I would say do it. My life has changed dramatically. As I've said I've lost 76 pounds. I feel great. Folks tell me I look great which also makes me feel great. It's been it's been a tremendous change to my life and a positive change. If you're just considering wanting to get more information I would say give Dr. Ganta office a call, talk to his staff, talk to Dr. Ganta and make that appointment and go ahead and make that commitment to change your life.

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