Meet Karen


Weight Lost: 77 Lbs

Estimated weight loss %: 73%

Procedure: Lap Band


The most surprising thing is how much I had limited myself...and to where it is now is like, 'hm, I wonder if I can do that now' and ill try it and it's like 'Oh wow, I can do this'...it's amazing


My name is Karen Burns. I work here at North Austin Medical Center in the newborn nursery. Mine was more of the time element that made me have that decide to have the surgery because I have been overweight from about age 16 up until I had the surgery. And it's been an up-and-down roller coaster of dieting all and any kinds of diets, diet pills, natural weight loss, cardio, exercising gyms, the whole nine yards and it just stayed up and down up and down up and down and I got tired of the roller coaster ride.

I heard about it through John Archibeque. He had the weight loss surgery through Dr. Ganta and he highly recommended him and so I had an interview with him and had some time to think and evaluate and everything and I really decided that I liked his mannerisms and his professionalism. He was very-very factual. He also one thing I really respected and appreciated he made sure that I did my homework. He wanted to make sure that I knew what I was in for, why I was in for it, and what the outcome would and could and should be, and I really appreciated that.

I had the gastric bypass surgery done two years ago little over two years ago now. I've lost a total of 81 pounds and many dress sizes and inches. I guess probably the most surprising thing is that how much I had limited myself maybe even unnecessarily when I was overweight and to where is now it's like I wonder if I could do that now and I'll try it like climbing a ladder or something like that as I wow I can do this. Yeah it's amazing. It's totally amazing. With kids I can do the activities that they do. With kids I can get in there and get on the floor with them if I have to. I can go swim with them and not feel quite so ashamed of what I look like. I can go play basketball with them and I do go and swim with my grandchildren, looking in the mirror, looking at before pictures. Getting in the kitchen and cooking smaller amounts of food because I don't engorge myself too much with too much eating. Sitting down to a restaurant and eating a third of the portion and picking the rest of at home in a doggie bag and not feeling bad about it. These are all happy moments.

People who are going to have the weight loss surgery I would tell them to do their homework, research it out, take some time to contemplate all the information that they're going to be given, make the right choice so that they can make the right choice of which weight-loss surgery to do and go with everything that they tell you to do. Get exercising early. Keep it up because it's not easy to pick up later on. It's if you don't make it a habit it's not an easy happy to pick up later after you've lost the weight. You may think it is but it's not. Most assuredly I would recommend Dr. Ganta because he's very professional. He gives you all the information that you will need and he's very thorough, very very thorough.

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