Meet Jennifer


Weight Lost: 70 Lbs

Estimated weight loss %: 50%

Procedure: Lap Band


The decision to go with Dr. Ganta, honestly there shouldn't have to be a decision about it. He's your way to go."


Well my name is Jennifer Davis and I currently live in Corpus Christi, Texas. I've lived there mostly all my life so that's why I've always resided and came to Austin to have the surgery.

Well there's always has to be some sort of trigger point that goes on and what happened for me I actually had two and my youngest son was in the bathtub and he got cut. He cut himself on the bottom of his chin and I had to take him to the emergency. When he was in the emergency they had to do the stitching for him. Well when they did that I was having to be bent over the whole time to hold him down because he was only a year old. That whole time I felt like my back was just going to crack in half like I couldn't do it and I knew what it was for a long time I just kind of was in denial was like I have back pains but all along I knew it was because of my weight. And when that happened I felt like I couldn't handle my own responsibilities as a mother to fully take care of my son to the fullest greatest extent.

So that was my first trigger and that's what prompted me to start looking into it. I had had a conversation with my friend about it and she was looking into it and she told me to look into it and I did and the opportunity arose and I put it off for a little bit and then again I was at a friend's house and I was just sitting in her chair and it broke and she tried to say well I put it together. It was weak and I was like oh yeah and I just like yeah you know you really need to learn how to put these chairs together inside I just died because I knew what had happened and a couple weeks after that is when I scheduled my appointment.

At the time when I was looking into getting the surgery I was living in Killeen and my doctor there is actually who referred me to Dr. Ganta. He said he had had experience with him and that's how I found him. Once he gave me his name I did research on him and I looked him up. I looked at his website. There was actually nurses there that had dealt with him personally and had nothing but great responses from them. It was one of the best doctors. When I looked at his website and nothing everything on there was positive and it was a no-brainer. I mean he was the way I had to go.

Wow the difference with energy is off the charts. I mean before I was sluggish. I would just – it was difficult for me to walk up stairs. Now I go walking every morning. My energy is through the roof. I couldn't keep up with my two kids before now I'm surpassing them and it's like they're like mom slow it out I'm like come on pick up the pace let's go and my kids are just like okay mom and they see a difference. They see a happier mom. They see somebody that they want around them all the time. Before I was always oh go ahead do what you want just anything just to get because I didn't want to have to get up to go check on something. Now they're on top of it they're like they know mom's going to. My mom's not going to waste any time. You're doing something wrong they're on it. So your energy level was completely off the charts. Health-wise I was having back problems before. Back problems are gone. Joint problems I was having before it was hard for like I said it was hard for me to walk upstairs. Now I'm jogging walking, skipping stairs. I mean all those pains are gone.

The decision to go with Dr. Ganta honestly there shouldn't have to be a decision about it. I mean he's your way to go. He's friendly. He's going to walk you through everything that you need to know. The benefits that you're going to get you're going to get the energy. You're going to get your health back. You're going to get your life back. The  dedication that it takes yes it's hard you know but so are all the diets that you probably tried in the past and you saw no results. So were the frustrations and you saw no results. When you do this weight-loss surgery it is difficult, it is hard but you get it. You get it done. It's a life changing experience you have to change your eating habits. I always said you can change my stomach but you can't change my brain. It's hard. So you have to be mentally prepared for the life, the new life that you're going to lead.

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