Meet Jenifer


Weight Lost: 140 Lbs

Estimated weight loss %: 100%

Procedure: Gastric Bypass


I've gone from 286 lbs to 136. I've gone from a size 26 to... I can sneak into a 4"


My name is Jennifer Hill and I live in Round Rock, Texas. I think it was when I started traveling professionally for work having to fly across the country a lot of moments of anxiety having to get on a plane, knowing that the seat belt wasn't going to fit, knowing I'd have to ask for a seat belt. A lot of trips in the airport walking through from the [Indiscernible] [00:00:27] and the sort ankles I'm having to walk in heels and just how much more difficult travel was being overweight and as I traveled more it became more obvious.

Well I actually traveled to San Francisco for an event and one of my girlfriends her husband had had the surgery and she had known me for a while and she knew that I struggled with my weight for a long time and she finally just was open and honest enough with me to say my husband went through this and it's changed his life completely and it was just that moment where I realized that it really is a life changer and it really is an opportunity to change my perspective, my point of view and from that moment I was dead set on getting it done and I'm glad I did. I'm so glad I did.

Dr. Ganta did a seminar and I attended the seminar and there was just something about the way that he talked. He sounded like he really knew what it was talking about. He sounded very serious which I think is very important when someone's doing a procedure on you and there was something that connected. I think if you're going to allow somebody to invade your life and your body and that sort of thing you need to have a level of comfort with them and he just provided that level from day one.

The surgery I had was the gastric bypass. Dr. Ganta performed it in 2007 and I was 286 pounds when he checked me in. The first few months the weight loss was amazing unbelievable. I lost 17 pounds the first week. Lost 32 pounds the first month. Over the next few months it was 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, pounds within seven or eight months. After the first year I had lost a large amount of my weight loss which was at that time it was over 125 pounds. Since then I've lost a total of 150 pounds. I've gone from 286 pounds to 136 pounds. Gone from a size 26 to I can sneak into four every now and then if I try really hard and so obviously month by month the success of that is visible not only physically but on the scale. You can actually just it's literally like the pounds are melting away after the surgery.

I would say I am you not I was you but I am you and I understand the pain that you feel every day and the burden that is not just the physical but the emotional burden that is your weight and I feel for you because it really is a hard life to live and it sounds a little bit over the top but there is freedom in weight loss surgery. There is freedom from the emotional and the physical burdens in losing the weight. Life  is tough when you're obese and the surgery makes life easier. It really does.

One of the neat parts is I went back to San Francisco recently and I was able to see my friend and she was just blown away by the difference and the ability to celebrate with her was kind of icing on the cake for the whole thing for sure. My family has really seen the benefits of it. I have ten nieces and they're all different ages. So things like the Easter egg hunt I'm out there running around with them helping them find the eggs whereas before I would be sitting and not watching it. My daughter is encouraged to lead a healthier life. I'm more educated on the health benefits of weight and I can help counsel her from a way perspective so that she doesn't have to go through what I've gone through. And we've been able to keep her at a healthy weight. Just being happy and active and being out there and being able to do things has made a huge impact on my family.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Ganta for weight loss. From the beginning of the process his office was there to help us get everything approved. It was a very smooth process. He is there to answer any questions that you may. Have skilled skilled surgeon. My folks were not supportive originally of me having the surgery and as soon as I'm at Dr. Ganta the day of the surgery he was able to relieve some of their concerns just because he is confident and he is skilled and you can tell when you talk with him. I like to brag about Dr. Ganta because I really feel like I'm one of the more successful of the people who have had it about the same time and I think it's because my doctor is so great at what he does and I think he likes to think that too. So I really feel like I got the best surgery that I possibly could have from Dr. Ganta genuinely.

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