New iBand and Gastric Plication Procedures Performed in Austin Texas

“Texas Bariatric surgeon Dr. Sashi Ganta is believed to have performed one of the first iBand and Gastric plication procedures in Austin. The New iBand is touted as a safe, fast and effective weight loss method offered as an outpatient procedure.”

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) November 4, 2011- Dr. Sashi Ganta from Austin Bariatric Institute is believed to have performed one of the first Gastric plication (LGCP) and the iBand procedures in Austin at St David’s North Austin Medical Center in Austin, Texas.

The iBand and Gastric Plication are the newest procedures introduced in bariatric surgery in Texas. The iBand is also called imbricated lapband or banded gastric plication. The gastric plication is also known as gastric imbrication, Laparoscopic greater curve plication (LGCP), Pleat, Staple less or reversible gastric sleeve. When the gastric plication is performed simultaneously with a Lap band it is called an iBand.


The iBand (banded gastric plication) and Gastric plication procedures are designed to produce fast effective weight loss results similar to the gastric sleeve but without the complication risks associated with the sleeve. The new procedures are performed as outpatient procedures with quick recovery. The iBand procedure may improve overall weight loss results and may need less frequent follow-up than the lap band procedure. For these reasons some patients may consider the iBand to be the best of both worlds- safety and fast effective weight loss.

The Gastric Plication procedure is similar to gastric sleeve surgery but without cutting, stapling and permanently removing the stomach. The procedure involves separating the outer curvature of the stomach from the surrounding fatty tissue and then folding the stomach into itself. The folds are secured with layers of permanent sutures thereby eliminating the stomach’s capacity to expand. Unlike a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve there is no cutting or removing the stomach, thereby virtually eliminating the potential major complication risks associated with traditional Gastric Sleeve or Gastric bypass.

In the iBand procedure the Lap band and the gastric plication procedures are performed together creating a small stomach pouch at the top of the stomach with the lap band and a narrow, sleeve-shaped lower stomach that cannot expand. The iBand procedure does not involve cutting or removing the stomach. The result is that patient will not be able to eat large portions of food and will feel satisfied for longer periods of time between meals with less hunger. Even though very few short term or long term complications are expected with these new procedures, there is not enough published data regarding the gastric plication and the iBand.

Austin’s first iBand patient Tasha who lost 46 lbs in 6 weeks following the procedure says -“When I was thinking about the Gastric Sleeve at first, my family was very worried about permanently altering or removing my stomach and all the possible complications. But, I wanted a procedure that can produce fast and effective weight loss. I am so glad the new iBand option was available for me. My family and I are so happy and this is just the beginning.”

Austin’s Leading Bariatric Surgeon and Pioneer of the Single Incision Lap Band Procedure Dr. Sashi Ganta states- “Patient demand for safe and effective weight loss surgery procedures continues to drive innovation and I am committed to stay at the forefront, introducing the new procedures and weight loss programs in Central Texas that are affordable for patients concerned about the cost of iBand and Gastric Plication options.”

About Dr. Sashi Ganta

Dr. Sashi Ganta is a board-certified surgeon specializing in bariatric surgery in Texas. He performs lap band, single incision lap band with no visible scars, gastric sleeve, single incision gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric plication (LGCP), iBand (banded gastric plication) and revision surgery for failed weight loss. He frequently utilizes advanced robotic technology utilizing daVinci robot for several procedures and a member of the Texas Institute for Robotic Surgery. Dr Ganta, one of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in Austin has developed a comprehensive weight loss clinic in Austin, Texas and his practice in Central Texas, AIBL, is known as one of the best Texas weight loss surgery centers. Many patients have travelled from other states and other countries to Austin seeking Dr. Ganta’s expertise. Dr. Ganta received fellowship training in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery at Yale University School of Medicine. He has studied medicine in the United States, India and UK. Dr. Ganta lives in Austin, Texas.

Contact: Dr. Sashi Ganta

Austin Institute of Bariatrics and Laparoscopy (AIBL)
11851 Jollyville Road, Suite 104, Austin, Texas, 78759
Phone 512-257-AIBL (2425)

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