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NuSelf Bariatrics

Bariatric Surgeon & Medical Weight Loss Physician located in Austin, TX & Cedar Park, TX

Wellness includes every aspect of head-to-toe health and beauty, and that’s why NuSelf Bariatrics offers everything you need to feel and look fantastic at their two locations in Austin and Cedar Park, Texas. Renowned bariatric physician Sashi Ganta, MD, understands that looking great doesn’t just mean weight loss. It can also include ongoing dietary support with an in-house registered dietician, hormone balancing with bioidentical hormones, intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy, cosmetic injectables, and much more. Invest in yourself now by calling either office or using the online scheduler anytime.

Wellness Q & A

What is IV vitamin therapy?

Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy is a way to make sure you get enough vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to function at your peak level. Unfortunately, it’s common to have too little of these substances in your body, even if you work hard to eat healthily. 

You only absorb a fraction of the vitamins in the food and supplements you ingest. The digestive process flushes many of those vital vitamins out of your body naturally. Vitamin IV therapy is an innovative way to infuse your body with the exact amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need for optimal health. 

Dr. Ganta personally formulated the IV therapy he uses — BioHealth IV. He created this formula after years of working in the bariatric and cosmetic health fields. Because vitamin deficiency is one of the leading causes of issues like liver spots, cellulite, and stretch marks, Dr. Ganta created a formula that infuses your body with the building blocks of a youthful face and body. 

In IV therapy, you relax while the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need go straight to your bloodstream via IV. This allows for nearly 100% absorption rate, and can often yield very fast results. IV therapy can boost your immune system, improve energy, enhance appearance, and much more.

What are bioidentical hormones?

When you have a hormone imbalance, it can cause widespread issues, ranging from mood swings, hot flashes, and poor libido to aging skin and thinning hair. Bioidentical hormones solve these problems using a formula that’s identical in molecular structure and virtually identical in chemical action when compared with your body’s own natural hormones. 

Traditional hormone replacement restores your hormone levels using artificial substances derived from animal sources. In contrast, BioTE® bioidentical hormone replacement is made from plants. Because BioTE duplicates your natural hormones, your body accepts them as your normal hormones and symptom relief soon follows. 

After assessing your unique needs, Dr. Ganta implants a custom hormone formula (tiny BioTE pellets) under your skin. Over the coming months, those hormone replacements gradually balance your hormones and help you look and feel younger. 

How can I reach peak wellness?

NuSelf Bariatrics makes it easy to reach peak wellness with the Wellness Plan. Membership gives you access to a wide range of services, including help from the in-house registered dietician. 

Dr. Ganta and the NuSelf Bariatrics team understand that wellness is different for every patient, so they tailor your care plan to your body. Whether you need cosmetic procedures like Botox and fillers, medical weight loss support, bioidentical hormones, IV vitamin therapy, or some other kind of support to look and feel your best, they’re here for you. 

Call NuSelf Bariatrics or use the online appointment maker for wellness help now.