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Support Groups


The ultimate purpose of the weight loss support group is to help you with your weight loss goal in a physically, emotionally and healthy way possible.

Though most of the patients have their spouses and friends to help them in every step of their weight loss journey, it is important to have someone who has faced the similar struggles as you. Since everyone in the support group is there for the same reason it may be easier to relate to one another and may be form friendships that extend beyond the support group.

AIBL is proud to be one of the very few practices in Central Texas to offer own support groups in the office. AIBL support groups are monthly and feature guest speakers, clothing exchanges, topics of special interest and other programs. Meetings focus on sharing, learning, socializing, and just plain having fun. Hopefully you will leave the meeting feeling supported, educated, enlightened, and eager to return to the next session. Our support groups are open to AIBL patients only and are limited to 20 participants.

Common areas that bariatric surgery patients get help from their weight loss surgery support group are:

  • Fear before surgery
  • Questions about life after surgery
  • Food temptations and how to overcome them
  • Stress of not losing weight faster & plateaus
  • Learning how to interact with the world in your new body
  • Overcoming depression relating to your new lifestyle
  • Food recipe tips
  • Nutritional support


Exclusive Nutrition Webinars

Dr. Ganta at Nuself bariatrics has developed an exclusive nutrition webinar series to help our patients that are immediately before and after the surgery, and also to help long term patients that are looking for the maintenance nutrition program to maintain healthy eating. This is on online live lecture series with live interaction with patients. These webinars are available to all of our patients at no additional cost. Registration for these events is mandatory.

Upcoming Events

Support group dates are every 4th Wednesday at 6.30 pm in our office. Please check with our support group manager for details about a particular session. Nutrition webinars are also scheduled regularly and you can find a list in our Event calendar. Check out our calendar of events to sign up for our next group.

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