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Insurance Coverage


Are you ready to take the first step to a healthier life? We are here to help! Our office has helped thousands of patients get insurance approval for weight loss surgery. We will guide you through each step of your weight loss journey.

  • Many insurance policies cover Bariatric Surgery procedures if they determine it is medically necessary for you. However there are insurance policies that exclude bariatric surgery in their policy. Whether you have coverage or policy exclusion depends not on your insurance company but your employer’s group policy guidelines.
  • If there is a policy exclusion for bariatric surgery your insurance company will NOT cover bariatric surgery under ANY circumstances even if it is medically necessary. Cash pay or Financing your procedure is the only choice at that point. The cost of bariatric surgery had come down over the years and it is affordable for many patients and they are able to finance the procedure.

First step is to check for your benefits on your policy and your insurance requirements for your insurance to authorize the procedure. We will work with your insurance company to verify your coverage. Our office will call your insurance company upon your instruction to verify benefits, approval requirements and pre-determination process. You can expect to hear from a member of our team in 2 to 3 business days to discuss your coverage details and schedule a consultation.

Please follow the link below to Get Started and Verify Your Benefits:

After surgical consultation and accomplishing of all the insurance requirements the letter of medical necessity is prepared.

At this point we will be waiting for YOU to help us obtain

  • Copies of previous weight loss attempt receipts
  • Past 5 year medical records from your physicians
  • Documentation of medically supervised weight loss if required by your insurance company
  • Any other evaluations as needed by your insurance (most often a psychological, nutritional and exercise evaluations are needed)
  • Any supporting letters from other physicians

Please note:

  • Once we obtain all documents and complete the package we will send all the information to your insurance company.
  • It can take anywhere from 1 – 3 weeks for your insurance company to respond back and sometimes longer. As soon as we hear from the insurance we will contact you.
  • Once an approval comes through we will move forward with the preoperative process and can schedule the surgery in about 2 weeks from the approval date.
  • If insurance needs additional documentation we will notify you and you then need to obtain the additional documentation necessary. We will help you with that process.
  • If insurance denied the application then you may appeal. However most appeals are denied unless you fulfill all the requirements by the insurance company and that we were able to provide documentation.
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