No Incision Thigh Lift


A no-incision thigh lift is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure aimed at reshaping the thighs. It works by reducing excess fat, resulting in firmer and smoother skin. A thigh lift is usually recommended for improving the contours of the lower body.

Dr. Ganta in Austin, Texas is an expert surgeon now offer  thigh lifts to restore a proportioned appearance of the body. The minimally invasive thigh lift is a safe and effective procedure, since it is minimally-invasive and leaves no scars. It can make the body appear more proportional and improve overall appearance.

A no-incision thigh lift is suitable for patients who have a relatively stable weight but larger thighs due to excess deposits of fat and other soft tissues. A thigh lift procedure works by eliminating or melting away the unwanted deposits of fats in their thighs and tightening the skin.

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