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Laser Vein Removal


Woman receiving laser vein treatmentLaser treatment is a safer option than surgery for the removal of small varicose veins. Varicose veins are enlarged and swollen veins, usually in the legs.  They occur when the muscles in the walls of blood vessels become less elastic, and can be extremely painful and uncomfortable if left untreated.

These enlarged veins are often visible on the back of the legs, and can cause mild to moderate pain in the legs, as well as other symptoms like swelling in the legs, itching of the skin, and an increased risk of ulcers.

Dr. Ganta recommends laser treatment for patients with small varicose veins. Laser therapy offers a non-invasive option for patients who have been advised surgery for the removal of their enlarged veins. Dr. Ganta has expertise in the management of varicose veins using laser therapy and can help patients avoid the need for a surgical procedure and a painful recovery.

Laser vein removal involves the heating of the enlarged veins by the laser rays emitted by a device that selectively targets the affected tissue. The device releases a thin beam of light that shrinks the veins and closes the affected blood vessel. It can also stimulate the formation of scar tissue within the vein to seal it off and prevent bleeding. After the procedure, the blood begins to flow through the other veins in the leg.

Laser vein removal needs to be performed with high precision to avoid damage to the healthy skin and other tissues. Smaller varicose veins often disappear immediately after the session, while the larger veins need about 1 to 3 months to disappear completely. Most patients can resume routine activities the day after their treatment.

Patients suffering from varicose veins should contact Dr. Ganta in Austin, Texas, learn more about how to get rid of the annoying symptoms and prevent complications like ulcers.

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