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Advanced IPL


IPL, or intense pulse light therapies, are highly effective for the management of several skin disorders. Advanced IPL treatments offer superior and longer-lasting results with higher precision.

Advanced IPL treatments are designed to deliver light energy to the affected tissues of the skin. The intense light emitted by the device can also target hemoglobin, water, and brown pigments beneath the superficial layer of the skin. The rays from these devices produce intense heat, which can speed up the rate of healing and promote the repair processes of the skin, allowing IPL to effectively manage wrinkles, sunburns, and broken capillaries.

Dr. Ganta is one of the most experienced surgeons in Austin, Texas, and he believes in treating skin problems by stimulating the body’s own physiological processes. He recommends advanced IPL as a way to enhance the body’s natural ability to form collagen and elastic.

The IPL treatment involves the use of devices that emit rays with a wide range of wavelengths, which allows a single IPL machine to be used for the management of multiple skin problems.

Dr. Ganta recommends advanced IPL to lighten brown spots and heal the damage caused due to sun exposure. It is also effective for patients with acne, rosacea, skin tone improvement. IPL can spark collagen production over a larger skin area and help patients derive faster and better results than other, older treatment options.

Advanced IPL is also recommended for reducing the appearance of dark hyperpigmented patches and spots such as melasma.

Patients suffering from skin problems such as sunburns, aging signs, stretch marks, and hyperpigmentation should seek the advice of Dr. Ganta to learn how advanced IPL can help make their skin healthier and more youthful.

Woman receiving IPL light therapy on her face

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